The most prominent temples in Tripura are popular tourist destinations and also famous Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage destinations for scores of devotees across the world. Famous temples Tripura include the Mata Tripureshwari and Bhuveneshwari temples at Udaipur, Fourteen Goddess Temple at old Agartala, Benuban Vihar at Agartala among many others. Of the celebrated temples in Triupura, the Tripura Sundari temple or the Mata Tripureswari temple is one of the 51 ‘Pithasthanas’ in India. It is believed that right-foot toe of Mata Sati fell at this temple and therefore this famous temples Tripura is regarded as an important Hindu pilgrimage destination. The Kamalasagar Kali temple is another famous temples Tripura, also called more popularly as the Kasba Kali Bari and is located on a hilly terrain, which is also a favorite spot for the tourists. The Bhubaneswari temple another famous Tripura temples is very exotic with the peculiar ‘four chaal’ style and its stupa’s are built like crowns. About 14 kilometers from Agartala is the Fourteen Goddess temple, one of the famous temples in Tripura. Every year during the month of July, this temple attracts lot of devotees and pilgrims to the popular Kharchi festival. Besides these famous Hindu Tripura temples, there are Buddhist Tripura temples that are equally famous. The Benu Ban Bihari is one of the most sought after Buddhist temples in Tripura and is located amidst very scenic location and attracts lot of tourists apart from devotees. On the Buddha Purnima day, Buddha Jayanthi festival is conducted with fanfare in this famous Buddhist temple. Also popular and one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Tripura is the Pecharthal Temple. The Idol of Buddha is specially brought from Rangoon and weighs almost 700 kilograms. Other famous Buddhist Tripura Temples include Manu Bakul temple, Buddha temple and the Venuban Vihar among others.

A small state with an area approximately equal to 10,491 square kilometers, Tripura is a beautiful state covered with lush green forests and hills. The place is a haven for tourists with a population of around 3,000,000 that helps them move around the places with ease. The Capital Agartala is a beautiful city, which houses most of the important tourist destinations and temples in Tripura. The Ujjayanta Palace covers almost an area of one square kilometer; a two storied magnificent mansion with beautiful mughal gardens and a treasure trove for the tourists visiting it. Kunjaban Palace another glorious palace is located on a lush green hillock, about one kilometer from the Ujjayanta palace. Unakoti is also another famous place where the tourists are bound to be fascinated by the rock carvings, murals from previous era. Other places of tourist interest in Tripura are the Neermahal palace in the Rudrasagar Lake, Sephahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumarghat famous for its Pineapple fields, Deotamura famous for its rock-cut images, Dumboor Lake, Jampui Hill among others.