Temples in Madhya Pradesh are very famous by virtue of their historical prominence. The Khajuraho temple for instance in Madhya Pradesh is so famous that people from different parts of the world visit this temple at least once in their life time to get enthralled by the very ancient erotic sculptures found on its walls. Among many Temples in Madhya Pradesh, the Sun Temple Madhya Pradesh, Kalbhairav Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Kamadgiri Temple and Gopal Mandir are the famous Hindu temples in Madhya Pradesh and draw many devotees from India.

The population in Madhya Pradesh is approximately equal to 60,385,118 and due its location and size; it is also called as the “Heart of India”. You will find Madhya Pradesh to be culturally rich and also a home to amazing mountain ranges, winding rivers and a vast expanse of thick forests. The climate in Madhya Pradesh is mostly subtropical, with dry summer from April to June, sundry monsoon from July till September and a cool dry winter from October onwards. The language spoken is Hindi and the people are friendly.

The most famous tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh are Dhuandhar falls at Bhedaghat , Kaliadeh Palace, Fort Palace, Khajuraho, Sunder Mahal, Bhimkund, Gwalior Fort and Moti Masjid; though, temples in Madhya Pradesh are equally popular.

Khajuraho temples are the famous temples in Madhya Pradesh, which are scenically located in midst of forest at Bundelkhand and are recognized as the World Heritage Center. Every year from the 25th of February till 2nd of March, the Khajuraho temple comes alive with a brilliant display of Indian Classical Dance Festival, from famous artistes across the world.

The Sun Temple Madhya Pradesh also known as the Brahmanya Dev (Baramju) temple located at Unao, located at about 18 kilometers from Jhansi (UP) is also among the famous temples in Madhya Pradesh and rumors say that even the blind, lepers and many people with many other skin ailments are cured on visiting this shrine, which is dedicated to the Sun God. Sunday is considered to be the holy day and the day of special worship.

Joining the temples in Madhya Pradesh, the tombs also come alive with festive moments. In fond remembrance of the Tansen, the father of Hindustani Classical Music, his tomb at Gwalior town is reverberated with Hindustani Classical Music every year during the months of November and December, when the Annual Indian Classical Festival is held for five captivating night-long sessions, where the most notable and famous singers perform with abiding gusto all through the night.

The Narmada Udgam Temple, believed to be located at the source of the river Narmada in Amarantak is the one of the famous Hindu Temples in Madhya Pradesh and a famous pilgrimage destination also.

Kamadgiri Temple, located in the town of Chitrakoot has become famous as the temple of wishes—people believe that their wishes come true if they visit this temple. This beautiful is one of the famous temples in Madhya Pradesh and is located on the banks of the serene Mandakini River, amidst exquisite Vindhya Hills.