Assam is famous for its tea as well as temples. There are many Hindu Assam temples that are famous across the country. Favorite Gods and Goddesses in Assam temples include the Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Narayana. The Kamakhya temple dedicated to the Goddess Durga is the most famous of the temples in Assam and a popular pilgrimage site too. Thousand of devotees throng this famous temples Assam, during ‘Ambubashi’ and ‘Manasha Puja’. For the devotees of Lord Siva the Umananda temple on the picturesque Peacock Island in the middle of the Brahmaputra River is a revered place of worship, especially during the Shiv Ratri. The legend associated with this famous of the temples in Assam is that, the Lord Shiva has burnt Kamadev to ashes when the later tried to disturb his meditation. Nabagraha temple is another famous temples Assam, perched on the Chitrachal Hill in Guwahati. This temple is dedicated to the nine planets of the universe and is a recognized center of study for Astronomy and Astrology, that brought the name ‘Pragjyotishpur or the city of eastern Astrology’ to Assam during the past. The Maha Bhairav temple is a famous temples Assam, situated in Tezpur this temple attracts lots of devotees during the Shiv Ratri. Among the many temples in Assam the Parasuram Kund, Viswanath Temple, Siva Temple at Sibsagar, Janardhan Temple, Hayagriva Madhava Temple and Purva Tirupati Sri Balaji Temple are the most famous temples Assam.

Apart from the temples in Assam, Satra’s occupy a prominent place in the Assamese culture. These are monasteries, founded by the father of Assamese culture Sankardeva, and have been the centers of Vaishavism and socio-cultural ethics. Out of the 65 Satra’s from the past only 22 are remaining in Majuli.

Assam is to the south of the eastern Himalayas with an area of 78,438 square kilometers and a population of around 28,000,000 and is a famed place for producing the best Tea in the country. Assam is a land of rich bio-diversity and the climate is comfortable throughout the year, though with heavy monsoon. The most ideal time to visit Assam is during the summer and winter months. There are many national parks in Assam of which the Kaziranga National Park and the Manas Sanctuary are most famous and have been declared as the World Heritage centers by the UNESCO. The Assam Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Assam State Museum, Majuli the largest fresh water island in the world and the Kamakhya temple are some of the most visited tourist destinations in Assam. Assam celebrates it traditional festival, Bihu, with pomp and dignity apart from other prominent festivals like the Durga Puja, Shiv Ratri among others.