Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh

Una is one of the 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh. It is a doorway to Dev Bhoomi. It touches the boundaries of Bilaspur, Kangra, and Hamirpur. It's unique in having both the plain and slopes. Sikh Guru Arjun Dev Ji named this town Unnati. Una is settled on the bank of Swan River which is a side stream of river Sutlej. It also serves as the district headquarters. Amongst the Famous Temples of Himachal Pradesh, Una has alluring religious places that draw pilgrims in large numbers every year.

Here are some Famous Temples Of Una :

1. Mata Chintpurni Temple

2. Dera Baba Rudra Nand Ji

3. Shiv Bari

4. Baba Garib Dass Temple

5. Radha Krishna Temple

6. Sadashiv

7. Banore Mahadev

8. Mahadev Temple

9. Peer Nigaha

1. Mata Chintpurni Temple:

Himachal has Shakti Peeths of Devi Durga and one such Shakti Sthal is 54 km away from the Una district of Himachal Pradesh. Goddess Sati's head fell here when Lord Vishnu cut her body parts with his Sudarshan chakra.Hence named

Chhinnamastika.People have deep faith in Devi. They believe that by tying the sacred thread(mauli) of their wish on the Banyan tree, their wishes will be granted by Devi Maa. Maa Chintpurni is in the form of a Pindi resting on the Palanquin of white marble under the banyan tree. This one of the Famous Temples of Una attracts a huge  number of devotees from neighboring states during Navratri.

2) Dera Baba Rudra Nand Ji,Amlehar :

This one of the Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh is located at a distance of 43 km from the town. The mesmerizing place is bejeweled in the verdant valleys of the ending ridge of Jaswan Dhar. Named after Thakur Dass, who acquired the Dera charge after he was influenced by the eminence of Achyutanand Ji Maharaj. A Temple is also known by the name 'Thakurdwara'.This temple is popular for having Akhand Dhuna, which has been constantly burning since 1850.

3)Shiv Bari:

Shiv Bari is one of the Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh, positioned on the banks of the Swan River. It is situated on Hoshiarpur Dharamshala Road. According to mythology, Guru Dronacharya's disciple practiced archery here. Guru

Dronacharya constructed this holy place of Lord Shiva for his daughter Jayati. Lord Shiva is protecting Maa Chhinnamastika, Shakti Peeth which is 25 km away from Shiv Bari. Every year pilgrims visit this temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

4) Baba Garib Dass Temple, Raipur Maidan :

Amidst the luxuriant valleys, with the backdrop of Gobind Sagar Lake lies one of the Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh that is Baba Garib Dass Temple. Dedicated to Mahadev this sacred place is located in Androli, Raipur Maidan ofdistrict Una and is on the way of Thana Kalan to Bhakra road. This 16th-century Shikhara-style temple was constructed by Local Rajput rulers. Temple is made of stone and wood. Statues of Hindu deities and mythological figures add charm to theshrine. Garib Dass Ji (Incarnation of Lord Shiva)meditated under the Laburnum ( Amaltash) tree which is 500 years old. Temple is 46 km away from Shaktipeeth, Naina Devi Ji.

5) Radha Krishna Temple, Kotla Kalan, Una :

Radha Krishna devotee and Sant Shri 1008 Baba Bal Ji Maharaj is looking after this temple that is situated in Kotla Kalan of Una. There are many temples of Hindu deities inside the premises of the Ashram. Devotees attend the Satsang/Shobha yatras conducted by Baba Bal Ji Maharaj during festivals like Janmashtami, and Bhagwat Katha. Local people visit this one of the Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh regularly to seek blessings of divine Radha Krishna. Sant Bal Ji Maharaj Ashrams are also located in Haridwar and Vrindavan.

6) Sadashiv Temple,Talmehra :

Dhyunsar Mahadev is another name for Sadashiv Temple and is one of the Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh. This divine place is 5500 years old and is the result of penance by Rishi Dhemyu who was known to Pandavas. Sage Dhemu meditated on Dhyunsar Hill and established a shiv linga. Lord Shiva was impressed by his meditation and asked him for a wish. When Sage requested Lord Shiva that whosoever pays a visit to this temple his/her wishes will be fulfilled by you. Lord Shiva granted the saint's wish. Abode of Gods, Himachal has around 2000 temples and each one has an interesting story behind it. Swami Onkar Nand Giri reconstructed this temple in 1947 after he visualized Lord Shiva in his dream. At that time Mahadev was standing under this Dhyunsar hill(meditating) and Lord instructed him to meditatethere. He searched this cave with the help of Headmaster Shiv Prasad Sharma (Govt. High School Sohari in district Una).

7) Banore Mahadev Temple :

Amidst the lush green hills of Shivalik lies this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. On the way from Una to Chandigarh at around 6 km away you can turn left to this magnificent and unique Ardhanarishvara temple of Mahadev. In Ardhanarishwar form, Shivling is having both Shiva and Parvati. According to Hindu mythology,Pandavas built this temple during their exile period. There is a Sarovar in front of the temple. During the rainy season, a bridge is built over this Sarovar to reach this temple. Akhand Dhuna (sacred havan kunda) keeps burning all the time inside the temple premises. According to other legends, there was a monster who was blessed with a boon by Lord Brahma that no man or woman can kill him. To get rid of him Shiva's incarnation Ardhanarishwar killed him. Do visit this ancient and one of the Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh.

8) Mahadev Temple :

This one of the Famous Temples Of Una, Himachal Pradesh is situated at a distance of 5 km from the town. After a 2 km drive on Hamirpur road take a right turn and after a 3 km drive, you can reach this glorious temple.84 feet statue of Mahadev makes this temple a unique one in the district Una. In 1904 Swami Chandan Anand was born to Jaikishan Ji. Seeing Maharaj Chandananand's bad health Atmanand ji suggested him to stay in Jogi Panga and meditate there. He Was looking after cows in Gaushala there and had a firm faith in meditation. He visualized in a dream that he has to go and meditate near Shivling situated in Mahadev, Kotla Kalan.

9) Peer Nigaha :

Peer Nigaha temple is situated at a distance of 8 km from Una. It is dedicated to Sufi saint Syed Ahmed Sultan well known as Lakh Data Peer ji( bestower of millions)He migrated to Shahkot from Baghdad. There are many shrines of Sakhi Sarwar another name for Lakhdata in Dhaunkal (Wazirabad), Peshawar, Lahore, and Chhota(mini night) in Una. Pilgrims of all religions have a firm faith in this Dargah. This makes it an even more special abode of God. Along with Dargah, there are idols of Gugga, Hindu Gods, and Goddesses. Devotees offer yellow rice at Dargah and also offer mustard oil in the Chirags of Lakh Data Peer. People who have cattle as a pet also offer milk to Peer. Knock out the gateway to Devbhoomi and experience the joy of seeking the blessings of the almighty amidst the lap of nature. This District in the valleys of

the Shivalik ranges has its charm. Come over!