Arunachal Pradesh, the northeastern most state in the country is called as the `Land of the Dawn-lit- Mountains’ because it is here that the rising sun is first sighted. There are not many Hindu temples in Arunachal Pradesh. Parasuram Kund is the one of the Hindu Arunachal Pradesh temples that attracts many Hindu devotees every year during Parasuram mela organized in the month of January. This famous temples Arunachal Pradesh is dedicated to the legendary figure Parusuram who is said to have washed himself off his sinful act of killing his mother and to ease the axe off his hands, in this Kund. Thousands of pilgrims therefore visit and take a holy dip in belief that their sins will be washed away. The Krishna temple is one of the famous temples Arunachal Pradesh and during Janmashtami, it is crowded by thousands of devotees.

Tawang Monastery is one of the famous Buddhist Arunachal Pradesh temples, extremely popular across India. Situated atop a beautiful mountain at about a height of 3300 meters, is this famous Buddhist temples in Arunachal Pradesh that has stupendous 8.3 meter high Golden statue of the Lord Buddha. Bomdila Monastery is another famous Arunachal Pradesh temples located in the beautiful town of Bomdila surrounded by apple orchads, at a height of about 8500 feet above the sea level and attracts large number of devotees. GRL Gompa and Urgelling Monastery are also the famous Buddhist temples Arunachal Pradesh that are popular among the Buddhist devotees.

This fabulous state of the north eastern most part of the Indian Territory is famous for an amazing collection of exotic flora and fauna and sub-tropical rain forests. The total area of Arunachal Pradesh is approximately around 83,573 square kilometers and population of around 2,000,000. Well connected by all important places in the country, the capital Itanagar, is nudged between two hills at about a height of 350 meters and offers a spectacular view at dawn and dusk. Ita Fort built during the 14th and 15th century is a major tourist attraction. Ziro is also a tiny village with splendid pine and bamboo groves that attracts lot of tourists.

As part of the celebrations, temples in Arunachal Pradesh come alive with dances on different temple festivals like the Solund, Mopin and Solung of Adis, Sherdukpens and Boori-Boot of the Hill Miris, Losar of Monpas, Dree of Apatanis, Nyokum of Nishis, Si-doni of Tagins, Reh of Idu Mishmis among others, where Animal sacrifice is said to be rampant